ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier - SOLID  (formally branded as TVM ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier) has a 90.13 minimum shielding effectiveness between the frequencies of 31.3 MHz - 10 GHz, following IEEE-299 shielding effectiveness techniques and testing guidelines. Tests were conducted by MET Laboratories, Inc., Baltimore Maryland, known as "The Nation's First Licensed Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory."

ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier - SOLID is fully compliant for use in Sensitive Compartmented Facility (SCIF) applications , providing a highly effective attenuation barrier against a wide range of RF frequencies. ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier is also an approved vapor barrier.

ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier - SOLID is a superior product with proven performance. The full MET Labs test reports are available upon request. For answers to your questions, please call us at 1 (800) 216-1223 . 

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