National Building Supply, Inc. Made Official and Exclusive
United States Distribution Center
For All ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier Products

(A letter from the President and CEO of Mitex International, Michael Boulding)

In 2016, Mitex International, Inc, a Texas Corporation in the business of manufacturing Mitex Insulation, successfully purchased the assets of TVM Building Products, Inc. This purchase allows Mitex to use the base developed by TVM to build an even stronger customer-centric business.

To ensure this occurs, Mitex International, headquartered in Terrell, Texas, has named National Building Supply, Inc. (NBS) of Columbia, Missouri as official and exclusive United States Distribution Center for all its ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier® products.

Meanwhile, Mitex will continue to manufacture and distribute its MITEE brand of insulation and sealants, long known for their quality, availability and competitive edge. The company has also recently opened a distribution hub in Baltimore, Maryland, to better serve customers located in the northeastern states.

Mitex will be selling its products through its subsidiary Mitex Building Products, LLC, and is excited to bring to the market its entire range of top quality Insulation and sealing products. The sale of these products will be backed by a continued customer-first marketing approach, and a new, more efficient computer system.


On September 26,2016, we received the EME Test Report for evaluating the shielding effectiveness of our ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier following the IEEE-299 shielding effectiveness techniques and testing guidelines. The test results showed that our ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier has a 90.13 minimum shielding effectiveness between the frequencies of 31.3 MHz - 10 GHz. These tests were conducted by MET Laboratories, Inc. of Baltimore Maryland, known as "The Nation's First Licensed Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory."

For complete description, information, how to order our ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier and to get the answers to all your questions, please visit the (NBS) web site or call them at 1.800.216.1223. They look forward to hearing from you.

Due to our superior and exclusive products, plus our dedication and ability to serve our customers well, Mitex and NBS look forward to a confident future—and appreciate the opportunity to work closely with you during this transition, as we build a business relationship beneficial to all.

Michael Boulding
Mitex International, Inc.